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Archisys Global Ltd was envisaged on the concept of building an advanced business model and a center of excellence, specialising in architecture and the built environment. Utilising their global networks, knowledge of local environments and understanding of social needs, Archisys Global pride themselves on delivering projects that meet world class standards. 

Archisys Global's mission:

  • Delivering a sustainable built environment that enhance community development, while meeting international standards of ‘best practice’.

  • Delivering facilities and solutions that respond to current social needs, by identifying market pulls and trends.

  • Delivering digitally integrated design and virtual environments to maximise the design quality and respond to the evolving technology pushes.

Archisys Global's approach is influenced by the market pulls and the industry’s technology push. We extend our resources to deliver successful outcomes, enhancing our in-house knowledge, injecting passion and ethics into every project we take on:

Team & Key Partners:  We aim to lead the way globally by aligning ourselves with experts and key partners who can assist in delivering sustainable and digitally built environments.

Technology:  We invest in advanced systems, methods, tools such as BIM, which elevate our business capabilities.  Our strength is to absorb and implement the latest in cutting edge technology, new materials and systems as well as digital design. This allows us to create a sustainable built environment and deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Sustainability: We promote a philosophy based on sustainable thinking throughout the design process. We have developed a range of tools such as Thermal Dynamic Software integrated with BIM technology to ensure the well-being of the end users. This allows us to exceed the global standards for a sustainable built environment in the arid climate.

Innovation/R&D: We collect, analyse and implement the best international standards in technical and non-technical fields of the design and construction industry.  We engage with international conferences and research bodies to continually evolve our in-house capability and global networks.

Know-how: Having worked in the Middle East for the past 20 years we have gained an abundance of  knowledge and experience.  Not only have we gained an understanding of building in the Arid environment, but also the legalities, cultural sensitivities and needs of the end users.  Having gained this insider knowledge we have confidence in our supply chain to deliver successful projects.

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