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Al Derzi Company


Built 2012

Design Approach & Considerations



Abdoun Avenue is a 4 story retail building that lies in a highly accessible area in Abdoun, Amman - Jordan, with a total area of 2500m². The simplicity and clearness in the design approach allowed multi users to invest it. It stands on a sloppy site in North-West Abdoun, accessible from all parts of Amman and the location made it an essential commercial service. An important character in the North-West corner inspired the design of an atrium space with a nice panoramic elevator to enhance the connectivity between the indoor-outdoor. A light glass material was the main component of design, it achieved the goal of highly attractive building with maximized views and daylight in the interior.



There were two major commercial force lines in the site, these inspired the design to have a commercial floor with a mezzanine at the lower level and a commercial floor with a mezzanine at the upper level so it will goes well with the surroundings, It came with two  harmonious main entrances that lead to each level and two services basement floors . The architecture of this project made it a good response to the area and plan.


The simple language and quality of design was controlled carefully to result in the best quality product that meets international and local standards, specifications. Durability of all aspects was taken into consideration reducing the need for future maintenance.

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