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Injaz Real Estate


Built 2006

Design Approach & Considerations


Injaz Towers idea was derived from the need of having a project that responses well to Amman unique urban image as a city of Hills, Valleys, Stairs, Terraces and Views with a skyline that directly reflects its topography. In the heart of the city of Amman lies the project Injaz Towers, a luxury 11 storeys residential tower with a total area of 12,000 m², the masses of the building are stepping up which    creates an attractive skyline dealing with the sloped site, the apartments were designed to have large terraces that enjoys the view of Amman. The attractive modern architecture of the building was inspired by traditional themed local elements.


A good impact was achieved through a focal point and a nice urban feeling integrated with the place allowing for a gradual transition from the lower to the higher parts of the building. The internal yard at the heart of the scheme is a shared garden and   swimming pool that were integrated for people to enjoy and relax. The basement accommodates services and typical floors offers spacious well organized 4 bedroom apartments with minimized circulation distances.


The design and orientation of the building achieved a high quality adaptive design with minimized needs for maintenance by using suitable finishes materials and systems.

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