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Kawar Group


Design stage

Design Approach & Considerations


Kawar Offices lies within the Abdali Boulevard development Area in the heart of Amman-Jordan, with a total built area of 15,000m².

The project is located on the (IT) Piazza, the most important urban character of the location. Therefore, the design of the building respected this character and an atrium space was created and connected visually and physically with the public piazza and amphitheater.

The external treatment of the building -in terms of form and materials - is related from it's both sides

to the buildings at al Abdali Area. 

The character of the established building complies with Al-Abdali particular regulations, character and the surrounding area. The forms achieved are in harmony with Al-Abdali general buildings character and the towers high tech character


The layout of the building should serve all Kawar companies with high Flexibility and efficiency. 

The different spaces are utilized within the standards & the codes of such kind of buildings. 

The building consists of three zones:

        - Parking and Services Zone- 3 floors

        - Rentable Zone- 3 floors/ Upper and lower Ground & Upper & Lower Mezzanine Floors

        - Kawar Group Companies Zone- 6 floor



The heart of the building  is a reflection of the  use of the building itself in it's, function, modern design, 

And the use of durable and cost effective structural elements and materials (glass, steel, lighting..etc.).

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