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Ayoub Family


Built - 2007

Design Approach & Considerations


The Millennium Health Care Center was designed as one of the respected solutions to serve the economical and industrial growth with a total area of 9,000m². This 7 storeys Medical center is located in a primary and community health setting in Um Uthaina, Amman - Jordan and it was designed to work with the adjacent lands creating a continuous urban space. The concept design has evolved from the need for a simple yet exclusive medical center that will shine, move the emotions of the users and the sense of beauty to simulate efficiency, creativity in a relaxing delightful atmosphere.


Millennium achieved flexible functional and efficient layout. It consists of 3 main zones medical labs that occupies the ground floor, clinics in the upper floors and 3 basements parking zone. The center offers big prestigious entrance lobby with the views privileged for the bigger clinics, therefore it achieved a high quality design in terms of form and space. The project considers economic, maintenance and running cost by using suitable finishes materials, constructional and electro-mechanical systems.


The design meets the requirements of the local codes, regulations and standards that results in an aesthetic product with an economic, durable strategy of design.

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