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General Trading Refrigeration & Industry Co.


Built 2009

Design Approach & Considerations


The vast strides which Jordan and the Middle East has taken in the course of its economic and cultural development, demand a set of systems necessary for the serving of its economic and industrial growth.

General Trading Refrigeration & Industry Co. is one of these highly regarded systems. 

The project is considered to be a well-defined focal point and a nice urban feeling setting which responses and is well integrated with the place, the surrounding urban and planning features and the flow of circulation.

The project occupies a prime location in Al Yadoudeh District, Amman-Jordan, with total area of 2,500m². 

Plants garnish the outdoor space, adding a sense of character and visual appeasement that will hopefully lure in the everyday passerby.


The building accommodates the following::

     - Basement Floor – 30 parking lots.

     - Ground floor- Luxurious main entrance lobby and offices spaces.

     - First, second and third floors- Offices.

     - Outdoor parking area to serve the users of the building.



The selected building elements for the project are efficient and suitable in terms of energy and natural resources, and durable with good performance against weather conditions.

The project is designed according to world-class best practice, codes and standards and complies with the regulatory requirements of Health and Safety for such Projects.

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