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Mr. Ghaith Belbeisi


Design Stage

Design Approach & Considerations


The Architecture of Belbeisi Showroom is conceived (Designed) and realized (Built) in response to an existing set of conditions & needs. These conditions are purely functional in nature, site conditions, or they may reflect, in varying degrees, the social economic, business & political conditions.

The project is located in Naour Area, Amman Jordan with a total land area of 1,090m² and with total area of 4,500m². 


The building functions are distributed as follows:

     - Second Cellar Floor accommodates work space and parking.

     - First Cellar floor accommodates storage.

     - First basement Floor accommodates Showroom, workspace and Parking.

     - Ground Floor accommodates Entrance and Showroom.

     - Mezzanine Floor accommodates Showroom.

     - First Floor Accommodates Store

     - Second Floor should be used as a multi-use open space- Offices.

     - Third floor will be used as Residential Apartments for the workers. 


The functional relationships and work flow are arranged optimally with adequate flexibility, security and safety.

The main goal of the design was to maximize the overall development potential of the site through efficient and effective usage of all areas yet to create a unique, spatial and aesthetic composition.



The design was developed in coordination to produce a high standard design and in a professional process to maximize the value of the investment and to meet the goals of the client.

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