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Dawoud Investment


Design - Final Stage

Design Approach & Considerations


Dead Sea Energy Plaza lies in a very attractive unique location in Dead Sea, Jordan (the lowest point on earth), surrounded by an excellent touristic, cultural and religious atmospheres aimed by locals and international users. The Plaza will provide visitors with all the knowledge and tools that will maximize their benefits of the place energy. It will introduce an urban Integration and outstanding experience for users to discover achieved by a clear direction of view towards the Dead Sea starting from the entrance point of the building. As a traditional and climatic solution the spaces were wrapped around a central open courtyard that became the core of the project. Appearance, atmosphere of spaces and building identity as a high-tech building meets the youth energetic spirit.


As a result of having a functional and efficient design, the project was divided into 3 main zones with a total area of 2300m². The shopping zone at ground floor, exhibition, knowledge and learning zone at first floor and services at basement floor. Taking in advantage the interests of humans in education the center developed a spacious open space with special characters and display techniques to provide.


The design concept has evolved from the need for a destination that supports the nature of the location as an energy generator for body, mind and soul. To integrate the concept of sustainability and reduce the overall building energy, PV cells on the roof, shading on the southern facade, low water consumption and methods to reduce heat island were used in the design of the building, the plaza also provides awareness about regeneration of energy and use of renewable energy that adds human and economical values to the project.

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