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Kuwait Government- Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Conceptual Design Stage- Competition

Design Approach & Considerations



The residential compound that consists of 6 high end villas with a total area of 5,250 m² is located in one of the most prestigious zones in Amman, Jordan- Abdoun.The design was a mix of the Kuwaiti Architectural heritage and the local Architecture of Amman and was integrated with site context through a geometry that formed harmony and unity with external urban Built Environment. The design character and image reflected a combination between tradition and modernity by implementing: - Courtyards, that all the spaces of the floor are wrapped around.- Privacy, that reflected on both the plans and the elevations.  

- Visual Elements for the blocks and Terraces.  



The use of a four floors two prototypes villa achieved appropriate space standards in terms of:

- Space optimization, efficiency & utilization of the layout are achieved. 

- The ratio of usable space to the total area is good. 

- The circulation distances minimized by the layout.                            

- Gender Segregation has been achieved through providing separate dewanyyeh, public and family private zones with separated Entrances for each. 


Suitable durability and protection measures were applied using sustainable systems and materials on the building elements.Regional, rapidly renewable and recycled materials, reused or certified timber are adapted in the project.

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